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We understand that you love your dog very much. You want your dog to be protected at all costs to ensure that your fur baby is getting a healthy life as he/she grows up. Keeping your fur baby locked up inside your house is unhealthy because, similar to humans, your dog also needs a social life. This means your fur baby has to go out and interact with other people and creatures and see the beauty of the world. And that is why you need your dog to get vaccinated from our experts at Dog Vaccinations Amarillo. Our vaccinators guarantee the most effective vaccines for your dog’s health and protection.


You have to understand that although an anti-rabies vaccine is a great help for your dog’s health, it is never enough to protect your fur baby from other fatal and contagious diseases. This is why our experts always tell dog owners to have their dogs vaccinated, especially the core vaccines, for a safe and healthy life. Let our professionals cite some situations for you to understand how important vaccination is for your fur baby.

Of course, it is natural for every dog owner to bring their fur babies outside and play with them. It could be a walk along the streets or the park, or even in other places to have quality time. Then you would meet another dog owner, but his/her dog has a contagious disease that the owner is unaware of; nor are you. In this case, your dog is at risk and might get the same disease, and eventually, your fur baby would pass it down to other dogs or have a critical condition regarding his/her health. That means stress for you and bad for your wallet.

Some dog diseases can be passed down to humans, which means you, yourself, are in danger as you can be the one suffering from sickness and be hospitalized. You may not see it immediately because dogs are excellent at hiding their illness. And by the time you find out that your dog is sick, you are already infected. Protecting your dog means protecting yourself and other dogs, too; you are keeping the community safe from dog diseases.

As mentioned above, you can prevent yourself from spending much on medical bills in the future because your dog is protected. And for the best protection, we have our Dog Allergist Amarillo to make sure that there are no allergic reactions. And in case of one, we would immediately address the issue by providing essential vet care services for your dog.

However, you have to make sure that your dog completes the series of vaccines to be effective; it could be once a year or twice, depending on the type of vaccine. You have to bring your pet’s medical records so our vet will update the list and schedule you for the next visit. Remember not to miss the set appointment because this is your dog’s health. This means you have to give priority to it and make time for the vaccination schedule. Your pet must get complete vaccination, especially the core vaccines, for a healthier and longer life for your dog.


If you think about your dog’s health, you have to make sure that they are protected against fatal and contagious diseases that your pet can get from other dogs, or sometimes, it just comes up in their growth period. Take your dog to our professionals at Dog Vaccinations Amarillo for the most effective vaccine. We guarantee safe and effective protective measures for your fur baby.