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As a dog owner, you have to put your lovely dog’s hygiene into your top priority. We understand how playful your fur baby can be, which means your dog is more prone to dirt and bacteria that can sometimes give sickness to your adorable dog or yourself. The most common thing for dog owners is to provide their fur babies a bath because they believe it will make their dogs clean. That is true, but bathing is not enough; instead, it is much better for your fur baby to get our services as we provide the most efficient pet grooming in Amarillo.

Contrary to what most dog owners believe, bathing alone is not enough to keep your fur baby clean. They go outside most of the time, roll over the ground, and sometimes even play with mud. There are even times where you cannot recognize your fur baby because of too much dirt outside. If your dog does not go out often, it is still the same because our fur baby’s hair tends to collect dust, and at the same time, ticks and fleas may reside in your dog’s coat. Aside from these, there are also other advantages for hiring our professionals to provide dog grooming in Amarillo.


Our professional dog groomers will give your pet a bath; depending on your fur baby’s size, it could be a job of one or more. We have a bathroom for your dog, so in case your fur baby decides to run away, he/she can run around the bathroom but still get cleaned. We use products that are safe for any type of dog, such as hypoallergenic shampoos. While giving a bath, we will make sure that your dog’s ears and nose are getting cleaned as well. These things are sensitive, so make sure that a professional who offers pet grooming in Amarillo is doing it. While shampooing your adorable dog, we will ensure that no ticks and fleas are residing.

After the bath, while your dog is getting dried up, we will brush your dog’s hair to prevent it from shedding. Our professional dog groomer’s brushing technique will guarantee your pet’s hair will be healthy and shiny. We will also check for any wounds and make sure that all ticks and fleas were already removed. In case that there is a wound, depending on the condition, we may refer you to our veterinarian for immediate vet care.

We will also trim your dog’s nails to maintain his/her posture. If your fur baby’s claws are long, there is a tendency that the forefoot is not touching the ground, which could result in a bad posture as your dog grows up. Plus, you no longer need to worry about getting scratches on your skin whenever you play with your dog. And it is also a good thing for your walls and floors because long claws can definitely leave a mark.

Aside from these services, we will also ensure your dog’s teeth are in great condition. Our professionals at Dog Dentist Amarillo will make sure your pet’s oral hygiene is in great shape by brushing your dog’s teeth and conducting a thorough check to see if other procedures are necessary.


You should never take your dog’s hygiene lightly. Make sure that he/she is getting the best pet grooming in Amarillo. Therefore, take your dog to our professional dog groomers to make sure your fur baby is thoroughly clean and receives complete pet grooming services. Call us now and set a schedule for your pet’s best grooming experience.